About Us

Agosti Nanotherm Srl over 30 years of experience

Agosti Nanotherm Srl is a company founded on the experience gained by the owner, Fabrizio Agosti, whilst working for over 30 years in the thermal insulation industry with Agosti Romano Isolazioni Termiche in Bolzano.
A great many of our customers’ problems have been solved over the years. Our main objective has always been to meet their specific needs in the best way possible, always recommending the solution with the most advantageous cost/benefit ratio. The advanced specialisation achieved in the industry has made us a point of reference for many companies looking to find a final solution to their problems for high-quality jobs.

There were a number of projects where the materials available on the market did not provide the right solution, and so we began exploring possible solutions beyond the standard which could best meet these specific requirements. In our search for new and higher performing materials, we were the first in Europe to begin importing insulating materials containing Aerogel in 2002. We began setting up the future production of the Nobilium® product range in 2007.
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