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Natural insulating panel

Nobilium® Thermalpanel

The Nobilium® Thermalpanel product consists of a long fiber of pure Basalt, 100% natural and incombustible. The special construction of the panel, in various thin veils “sewn” together mechanically with the same fibre, provides innovative mechanical and insulating properties. The panel can be used inside or outside, in walls, ceilings, floors and roofs, even without using anchors.


In recent years, the thermal insulation of buildings has become increasingly important in controlling interior heating and cooling costs. This solution can be applied in two ways: by applying an external cladding (technically recommended where possible) or insulation from the inside (when it is impossible to apply an external cladding).

The effects of these applications lower energy costs, provide acoustic insulation and optimise environmental conditions, solving the problem of moulds forming on the perimeter walls bordering with the exterior. Historic buildings can also integrate this natural solution perfectly, without having to significantly change the aesthetics.

When a Nobilium® Thermalpanel — just 9 mm thick — is applied to a 50-cm thick stone wall (with a thermal conductivity of 2.3 W/mK in the stone wall), thermal dispersion through the wall is reduced by around 40%.

Historic and / or bound buildings

Finally, there is an insulation product available that works perfectly with requirements for works on historic and/or listed buildings. It integrates with them naturally and non-invasively. The particularities of the product (in pure basalt) Nobilium® Thermalpanel, allow it to become one with the existing masonry, integrating with it and protecting it from decay; also reducing the thermal dispersions without modifying the hygrometric balance.

These applications have a reversible installation cycle, if appropriately researched with the manufacturer of the adhesive/plastering systems. The Nobilium® Thermalpanel basalt panel can be installed using the same materials used for the renovation.

The Nobilium® Thermalpanel pure basalt veiled panel becomes a single entity with the products used for plastering and as adhesives. Thanks to the high-degree of mechanical cohesion in the long fibres used, it has tear resistance that is 3-5 times higher than classic mineral wool panels, which are made of short fibres that rely only on resin for cohesion and are susceptible to tearing with much less force when there is a separation between the plastering and the panel itself. The latter, being made up of short fibers cohesive with each other only with resins, yield to tearing with significantly lower forces, since there is a separation between the skim coat and the panel.

The Nobilium® Thermalpanel is so strong and compatible, on the other hand, that there is never any separation between the plastering and the panel but the panel does break within its thickness. The basalt in the Nobilium® Thermalpanel acts like a new inert placed between the two adhesive/plastering cycles and is therefore completely encompassed by them.

Eligible for Bonus 110% tax deduction

For applications referring to the bonus 110% tax deduction, the Nobilium® Thermalpanel is used to reduce thermal bridges, including in window embrasures and/or exterior openings in combination with the classic external cladding, because the small space required for installation allows for quick and easy integration with the existing windows.

The panel can also be used on the full external façade, in combination with the insufflation and/or in the case of construction that, by law, can derogate from the minimum requirements of thermal transmission required for energy-related renovations. The Nobilium® Thermalpanel has the EC marking, complies with MEC requirements, with every value assessed and certified solely by the laboratory founded by ENEA and the CNR in Faenza, Italy (CERTIMAC).